Would Donald Trump be a good president?

The chances are that you’re struggling to answer in the affirmative and give reasons to the question whether Donald Trump would be a good president. Your Twitter feed, the dailies, and television news are infiltrated with an image of an evil and an inept Trump as the Liberal PR machinations work overdrive attempting to make Donald Trump an object of ridicule. However, none of these things stick, or do they? America’s surprise favorite presidential candidate is not called “Teflon Trump” for nothing. So, would Donald Trump be a good president? Here are some of the reasons why Trump can be America’s best president.

Trump is Tough

Undoubtedly, Trump is raw. He’s not afraid to speak up his mind. Some consider this as being incredibly arrogant, but gone are the days when the American people wanted skirting statesmen. Trump is the man you need when you want to put evil cartels such as those in immigration and undeserving world leaders like Kim Jong-un in their rightful place.


Trump brings unheralded freshness. Okay, you have seen and heard him in publications and television numerous times, but he has never lurked around the Senate to pick salaries for doing almost nothing. Unlike the other options, Trump isn’t a career politician. He isn’t conditioned to say what the masses want to hear. Instead, Trump is in the race for the Oval Office due to his motivation to make a real difference in the system. This difference he can achieve by being different.

No one owns Trump

Unlike other contenders, Trump’s paying for his campaign. That way, he won’t be pressured to pay back any favors. Other candidates are owned by the people who fund their campaigns. They are stealing, begging and borrowing heavily, which means that they’ll divert huge chunks of resources to pay back if elected. Trump’s financial independence is good news for Americans of all types across the board.