If you are looking to start in on a career path as a speech and language therapist in New York, it is going to be best that you learn all about the duties that are expected. An expression and language therapist, also known as an SLT, can treat babies and children, as well as adults, who have issues with various levels of language, speech and communication difficulties, as well as problems that can include eating, drinking or swallowing.

Some speech and language therapists will deal with a rather diverse client group. Some patients will include those who are suffering from hearing loss or deafness, learning and physical disabilities, dementia, psychiatric disorders and more. There could also be treatment concerning conditions like stammering, cleft palate, voice disorders and language delays.

In most situations, a language and speech therapist will work closely with other professionals as part of what is known as a multidisciplinary team. Depending on your role, you could become a liaison for the family members, teachers or caretakers who are part of the treatment group. This may include helping others to develop an integrated treatment plan to help the patient to work on speech therapy and language development.

Once you are a speech and language therapist, you may find that there will be a range of options available to you concerning work setting in New York. Some of these professionals will work in hospitals, day care centers, schools, health centers, correctional facilities or with the family out of the client’s home. If your schedule is flexible, you may even be able to work in some locations throughout the week, treating a range of patients. No matter what, you will see that becoming a speech and language therapist will be a very rewarding, respectable career choice.